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Almost Human S02e01 !NEW!

They face a human threat in the form of the mysterious Professor Jaggat and the cold-hearted Kemp. Jaggat and Kemp are fundamentalist Christians who have discovered the existence of vampires, werewolves and ghosts - and are determined to destroy them or carry out brutal experiments upon them. They believe that vampires are the Devil incarnate and must be destroyed; that werewolves contain an evil gene that can be removed by violent scientific experiments; and that ghosts must be forced over to the other side whether they like it or not.

Almost human s02e01

Being Human is a supernatural drama television series developed for North American television by Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke, based upon the British series of the same name created by Toby Whithouse. The series premiered on Syfy and Space Channel on January 17, 2011, with a thirteen episode first season[1] and tells the story of Aidan (Sam Witwer) and Josh (Sam Huntington), a vampire and a werewolf respectively, who move into a new apartment only to discover that it is haunted by the ghost of a previous tenant, Sally (Meaghan Rath). Together, the three of them discover that being human is not as easy as it seems.[2] Season 2 began on January 16, 2012, and adds Kristen Hager to the main cast as Josh's on-and-off girlfriend and fellow werewolf Nora, as well as Dichen Lachman as Suren, the would-be vampire queen of Boston and an old flame of Aidan's.

A WTF moment: Seriously, have you ever seen so many people stomping around within sniffing distance on the same parcel of land before? The last scene, in the woods, was almost too much. Josh decides to change there, Mother's daughter just happens to be buried there and Aidan is digging her up and Hagerman is out huntin'...werewolves? It's like they chose a city park to get all dank and dark. Did anyone else think this was a bit odd?

One of the anomalies of modern ecology is the creation of two groups, each of which seems barely aware of the existence of the other. The one studies the human community, almost as if it were a separate entity, and calls its findings sociology, economics and history. The other studies the plant and animal community and comfortably relegates the hodge-podge of politics to the liberal arts. The inevitable fusion of these two lines of thought will, perhaps, constitute the outstanding advance of this century.

And then there was the season finale. You were shell-shocked for sure, and after that, probably left feeling more than a little disappointed, maybe even angry, but almost certainly wondering how much the producers on this show get paid. Needless to say, it was absurd and poorly written. After you'd finished counting quite how many times General Oh said, "Prepare to fire," without actually firing we had to watch as Jean-Luc Picard's consciousness was downloaded into a synthetic body. (Feeling lost? If you need a refresher on season 1, check out our Star Trek: Picard streaming guide to catch up.)

We cut to the next day at Starfleet Academy as Picard, gives a stirring speech to the young cadets and welcomes Elnor (Evan Evagora) the first fully Romulan cadet to enroll at the Academy. There have been other Starfleet cadets who had Romulan heritage, Lt. Saavik was written as half-Romulan/half-Vulcan in "The Wrath of Khan" novelization and Crewman Tarses was a half-human/half-Romulan Starfleet officer who served aboard the USS Enterprise-D seen in "The Drumhead" (S04, E21).

Picard returns to the vineyard to find Fleet Admiral Sally Whitley (April Grace) already there. She briefs on the situation and he leaves via shuttlecraft to rendezvous with the Stargazer, much to the disappointment of Laris. Once all the pleasantries are out of the way and the band is almost all back together, they attempt to open communications with whatever is on the other side of the rift in space. Suddenly a ship emerges and it's clear it is Borg in origin.

Toma puntos muy importantes, ya que hoy en la realidad las nuevas tecnologías pueden alterar la definición y el significado de lo humano, y cómo la innovación científica puede amenazar a la humanidad, estas nuevas tecnologías demuestran el poder del mundo más que humano, para crear nuevas formas de vida humana o casi humana.

But Strand ignores him, telling his assistant to have the Officer sign an NDA and escort them "off my fucking island". Before he walks away to greet Bernard by name, saying its good to see him. But Bernard doesn't appear to remember him. Strand introduces himself as Head of Operations, and asks him to walk with him. But Bernard is distracted again by the sound of the Hosts being shot, and wants to know about their executing them. Strand tells him that some say you destroy your enemy by making them your friend. He takes a more literal interpretation. Bernard pointing out that they are not all hostile. But Strand laughs, saying of course they are, after all Bernard built them to be like humans. Given the nature of Bernard's work, Strand understands why he would be conflicted about the hosts treatment though, as they walk along the beach together, he also suggests mentions that some in Delos might blame the Head of Behaviour (Bernard) for their current predicament. Stubbs tries to intervene on Bernard's behalf, but Strand turns on him, saying if he wants advice from the man who presided over the single greatest loss of life on Delos property he'll let him know.

Flashing back 2 weeks to the night of the massacre at the Gala in Escalante he sees the guests running, and bodies strewn all around, and himself, back in his black clothing on the night, in hiding, focusing again on his right hand, which is trembling. Covering it, he looks around at the sound of a shot, he, Charlotte Hale, and a number of guests hunkered down in the stables, bullets slicing through the wood of the barn door. Staying low, Charlotte crawls to Bernard asking him to tell her that this some sick trick. But Bernard only confirms that the hosts are off their loops, and on some new narrative, and Ford must have altered the system to allow the guns to read humans as hosts. Outside, Rebus, Walter and other hosts are playing turnabout with a female guest. Now aiming to shoot a glass of whiskey off her head, much as they were doing with Rebus before the Massacre began.[2] Telling Walter that with an aim like his he's never going to survive 'The Journey' Rebus takes the gun off of him and shoots, taking 3 shots. The first two missing the glass. The third killing the woman, her blood leaking through the bullet hole as Rebus laughs. Her body sliding to the ground outside the door as Bernard and Hale watch.

A short time later we see a ragged male guest, sweating and frightened, his face and tuxedo filthy, as Dolores's voice asks the familiar host test question "Do you know where you are?" All the man can do is beg "Please" in response, so Dolores answers for him, coming into his blurry focus crouching down to him saying "You're in a dream. You're in my dream." One of Wyatt/her followers puts a noose around his neck as she explains that for years she had no dreams of her own, moving from hell to hell of humans making never thinking to question the nature of her reality. As Teddy watches her from horseback, she asks the man whether he has ever questioned the nature of his reality? Ever stop to wonder about his actions? The price he'd have to pay if there was a reckoning? From Teddy's concerned POV we see that two other guests, another man and a woman, all in evening wear, are already hoisted up, nooses around their necks, balanced precariously on make-shift gallows made of wooden cross grave-markers, as Dolores informs the man that that reckoning is here.

As Sizemore and Maeve make their way through the portion of the Hub, given over to the the behavioural training of the host animals, Equally as filled with dead bodies both host and human. Sizemore tries to point out eventually the humans are going to take control of the Park again, and wipe out the rebel hosts...getting startled by a Buffalo Host thudding its horns against the glass near him...before he continues, that the hosts minds are worth 'Billions in IP.' He tells her that when that happens he can help her, vouch for her. Maeve notes his 'generosity' but tells her she won't be in the Park when that happens. Stopping as they past a host body, Maeve turns, recognizing the badly damaged, but still alive, parasol carrying host as one of 'her girls' from the Mariposa Saloon. Propped up against a glass wall, with a heavily bleeding stomach wound, the suffering girl smiles on seeing Maeve putting down her gun and crouching down by her in concern. Gazing at Maeve she utters what is clearly part of her scripted lines "The sun's sure smiling down on you today." Pained, and sadly calling her "Dear girl," Maeve puts an end to her suffering, using the same voice command Elsie used on Dolores as she grieved over Teddy "May you rest in a deep and dreamless slumber." The girl going quietly offline.

Still crouching by her, saddened, both Maeve and Sizemore are startled as a QA security team arrives, yelling at them to freeze and identify themselves, Rapidly sliding the the FN P90 TR weapon on the floor away from her, she feigns being human to deceive the security team. As Sizemore hands up yells back that he's human, he murmurs back to Maeve that if she gives up easily he promises to help her. But she tells him that's not good enough, and instructs him to let her talk, moving past him. Putting on a traumatized act, she asks the QA team leader what is going on. Buying it, he tells her the hosts have malfunctioned and are attacking guests. As she acts appalled, Sizemore asks the team leader if some of them might even be dresses as human, shooting him a meaningful look in Maeve's direction. The Team Leader catching on, Maeve momentarily helpless before, serendipitously, law badge wearing hosts enter, taking out one of the QA team, and a firefight ensues.


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