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Free Arknights Font Download - FZYaSong and Source Han Sans Fonts

Prior to the release of Episode 9: Stormwatch, the auto-deploy interface displayed two dark horizontal rims on both top and bottom of the screen, and an opaque PRTS logo. This made it very clear that the game was in auto-deploy mode, but also practically completely obscured these two parts of the screen, which was detrimental to gameplay visibility and OLED screens' performance[1] during auto-deploys. This, likely, was due to a consideration by the developers that granular visibility during auto-deploy was unnecessary, which changed when community-made content involved sharing auto-deploy clears. As of the update, the logo's opacity has been significantly reduced, and the top and bottom bars have been removed in favor of a slightly transparent dark gradient. The scrolling text indicating current auto-deploy status has also received an update increasing its horizontal width and changing the font and font color slightly.

This page lists all fonts of the typefaces used in Papers, Please and its various localizations were derived from during the game development. The list is displayed as a part of the credits sequence either at the end of the game or if the user clicks on the "created by Lucas Pope" button on the main screen. See the second table for some of the used fonts that are not listed in the end credits but were once used or served as basis for text in the game.

arknights font download

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Not only is Cytus II free to download for a limited time, but this update also brings with it the latest in-game Winter Sale. Starting today until Jan 3, 2022, players can get their hands on 50% discounted access to CAPSO! as well as 50% off Xenon, ConneR, Cherry, JOE, Aroma, Neko, Nora, Sagar and Rin.

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