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Adrian Johnson
Adrian Johnson

[S4E3] Restoration

The 1938 Aston Martin had been sitting in a barn for over 45+ years. This Aston Martin was a one-owner car, 100% original and completely numbers matching. Gas Monkey Garage and Discovery Channels show Fast n Loud contacted me to come and perform a extensive restoration on this gem. It was an honor to get the opportunity to work on this and to have the whole process documented by the Fast n Loud production crew was a dream come true.

[S4E3] Restoration

Our second vehicle for the show was a 1980 Allison Kit Car that had been sitting inside a garage again for over 10 years. This vehicle was in dire need of extensive detail restoration The body on the car was made of GEL coat, that of which boats are made of, so restoring the shine, gloss and clarity was more of a challenge than a typical clear coated vehicle.

Over 20+ hours were put into this detail restoration project. Not as an intensive detail as the 1938 Aston Martin, our main focus was restoring the paint, engine detailing restoration, and interior restoration, including bringing life back into the shrinking leather seats.

Even thou we were not on this vehicles episode, we still have a lot to do with it. Over 22+ hours were put into the detail restoration of this 1960 BelAir. The paint was original, so we were working with lacquer and this paint was bad. The clarity was gone due to the massive amount of surface scratches in the paint. I knew that a very extensive mulit-step correction was going to be needed. What I did not see was just how hard the paint had become. I had to wetsand the upper areas with 1500, 2500, 3000 sandpaper to get below the deep scratches and then come back with the foam pad and compounds to jewl the paint to a deep gloss and shine. A lot of work, but the outcome is in its weight in gold.

Rarity leads Fluttershy and Angel through the forest on a quest to find ancient tapestries in the old castle. Fluttershy is nervous about being in the forest so late in the day, mentioning that it is star spider season. Rarity says that she enlisted Fluttershy's help to bring some of the tapestries back to Carousel Boutique for restoration and possibly inspiration for a new fashion line. They enter the castle. A large unseen figure looms above the castle steps.

One of the premiere car collectors in the greater Atlanta area, Skip has been an good friend of Caffeine & Octane for a long time. You've probably seen several incredible machines at the show from Classic AutoSmith. This classic car service, consignment sales, restoration, and vehicle storage business is owned by Skip's son Brandon. 041b061a72


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