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Hd Bodyguard From Beijing Part 1 English Audio

The film protagonizes Allan, a professional bodyguard based in Beijing whose tactical and martial skills and quick thinking are well shown as having protected several statesmen from assassination. He is hired by James, a wealthy Hong Kong businessman, to protect his beautiful girlfriend Michelle Leung, who is the only surviving witness to a murder, after all the others had been eliminated in various ways. Allan arrives at the girl's home in Hong Kong to meet with two somewhat incompetent plainclothes police officers - Fat Po and Ken - in charge of her safety. Soon after meeting Miss Leung, he proves the entire contingent of current bodyguards incapable in his fight with them during what he thought was an assassination attempt, and they are all fired. He also disarms both policemen.

Hd Bodyguard From Beijing Part 1 English Audio

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Michelle tries getting away from her bodyguard by complaining to her boyfriend and by sneaking away during the night with the younger officer, Ken, in a car. Allan reassures James and nonchalantly makes himself visible in the car's headlights as the escapees start it; Michelle has a fit as she goes back into the house.

In this 1997 file photo Trevor Rees, Princess Diana's former bodyguard, arrives at the Gare du Nord to return to London. Rees, sole survivor of the Paris car crash that killed Princess Diana, denied on Wednesday being part of a murder cover-up. REUTERS/Jack Dabaghian

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