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Alone With The Horrors Epub Download

THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT!___________________________________________________________________________It's 1997 and Leah just can't seem to catch a break.A year has passed since her fiancé went missing while hiking alone on a mountain, and she can't shake the unanswered questions and nightmares Simon left behind.On the anniversary of his disappearance, Leah and her new girlfriend Josie return to the trail where Simon disappeared with two of their best friends. Armed with incense, tarot cards, crystals, and snacks, the girls have everything they need to complete the Ritual of Closure to help Leah finally say goodbye to Simon, once and for all.But the trails are hiding something sinister, and it's been waiting. As night falls around them, the girls find themselves in a deadly game against something vicious and wild that's made a home for itself on the mountain.It's time to find out what really happened to Simon.___________________________________________________________________________Goodreads for the book: -brutal-heartsThis is a 90s YA horror novella written by Cassie Daley.Digital products are delivered as soon as your purchase is complete. Files are sent via email & are also available under "My Downloads" in your Etsy account information.For Kindle readers, you can read the ePub version by emailing yourself the downloaded file to your Kindle email address. See your personal Kindle account details for more info.

Alone With The Horrors Epub Download

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