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Scratch 2.0: Create and Save Projects Offline

MIT Scratch is a free application designed to help kids learn basic concepts of programming using visual tools. Designed by a team at MIT Media Labs, the learning tool is suitable for kids aged six and above. It features a simple and beginner-friendly interface that gradually increases its difficulty level as your kid progresses. They even get access to more complex features to include in their projects.

The free-to-download application lets students combine sounds, photos, and graphics to create animations, slide shows, apps, programs, and games. It employs a simple drag-and-drop method to make learning fun. The more projects you create, the better you get! The program is also quite intuitive and becomes more and more complex as the user progresses.

scratch free download 2.0

Download apk:

Yes, the MIT Scratch app is a free programming and learning software created by MIT Media Lab. The application is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group - an MIT effort to help young children learn the concepts of programming.

The app also lets users send commands and create unique programs, presentations, games, and applications. It also offers various built-in MIT Scratch tutorials and forum discussions to help kids bypass the learning curve. Furthermore, the application is easy-to-use, free-to-download, and works both online and offline.

Scratch is an innovative programming language that has been designed to help young learners develop computational thinking and coding skills. It allows students to create interactive stories, games, and animations by using blocks-based programming. Scratch has become increasingly popular among educators and students worldwide, as it is a fun and engaging way to learn coding concepts. However, downloading Scratch 2.0 on Windows 7 can be a bit tricky for some users.

The process to download Scratch 2.0 is simple because Scratch is designed primarily for children. Scratch 2.0 does have many new features in comparison to the previous version 1.4, like the offline editing option, the availability of the application in 70 dialects aside from English, and the new shading coding feature.

This post provides download links and a detailed step-by-step guide to downloading Scratch 2.0. If however, you are looking to download Scratch 3.0, check out our step-by-step guide to Scratch Download 3.0.

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The first step towards downloading the Scratch App is to visit the download page for its official website. As soon as you click on the link given here, you will be directed to the official page of Scratch. Chances are your operating system Windows or macOS will be auto-selected when you browse the page but just in case it is not, chose your OS by clicking on the relevant icon. Here we have selected Windows in the sample image shown below. Note: As Scratch 2.0 is an old version, you will not see the download link right at the top of the page. Scroll down to the middle of the page and you will find the download links for older versions of Scratch i.e. Scratch 2.0 and Scratch 1.4.

Click on the Adobe AIR download link. On the AIR installation page, you will find two Adobe AIR run-time installers. One for Windows and slot bonus another one for Mac. Chose your operating system and go ahead and download Adobe AIR.

The first step towards downloading the Scratch App is to visit the download page for its official website. As soon as you click on the link given here, you will be directed to the official page of Scratch. You can see different options with links to download the app for different OS. Select Mac OS for downloading Scratch 2.0 for Mac OS.Note: As Scratch 2.0 is an old version, you will not see the download link right at the top of the page. Scroll down to the middle of the page and you will find the download links for older versions of Scratch i.e. Scratch 2.0 and Scratch 1.4.

As Scratch is designed for use by children between the ages of 8-16 to help them learn coding and game development, its user interface is designed in a simple, kid-friendly way. Even downloading, which can often be a confusing process for some coding platforms, is an easy and straightforward process. So, what are you waiting for? Download Scratch today and start creating projects!

Serato Scratch Live 2.5 comes loaded with a bunch of key features including: Support for Serato Remote, free Loopmasters sample content, plug-and-play support for Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus and MIDI Output Lighting.

Scratch Live 2.5 comes with FREE samples from Loopmasters. Get 24 of the best Beats, Hits, Loops and Sweeps, free to you when you download the Loopmasters sample content installer. Download the sample content from within the Scratch Live 2.5 download and the samples will install straight to your Serato library as a crate.

Project Downloading is when the code of a Scratch project is downloaded from the Scratch Website to the user's computer. In Scratch 2.0, this allowed a user to work on a project in the Scratch 2.0 offline editor, or other programs that can read Scratch files. For simply viewing the code of a project, See Inside could be used.

If an online project was made in the Scratch 1.x series, and was never saved using Scratch 2.0, it could be downloaded by clicking "Embed" beneath the project viewer, then "Download code", as in the image to the right. This would download a .sb file. Depending on the user's web browser, a download window may or may not appear.

Most of the past benefits of downloading projects were lost in Scratch 2.0, with the introduction of See Inside and the backpack. Users previously would download projects to view or edit the scripts, or use media from the project, but all of this could be done online in 2.0. Some reasons to download a Scratch 2.0 project were:

EdScratch is developed by Microbric Pty Ltd using open source software created and maintained by the Scratch Foundation. The Scratch Foundation does not sponsor, endorse, or authorize this content. See for more information.

Designed for beginners, the EdScratch tutorial video introduces the EdScratch programming environment and how to download your first program, before moving on to different block categories including the drive blocks, loops, sensors and variables.

We want to make robotics and computer science education available to everyone, which is why these teaching resources have been released under a Creative Commons licence. You are free to use these resources as they are, translate them, share them or use them as the base to develop your own customised lessons.

Available to download by clicking/tapping the Periodic Table of Scratch 3 Blocks image (see below). The blocks can be edited and scaled using image editing tools (e.g. Illustrator, Inkscape, Vectr). The blocks are also provided in .png format.

Faster and plugin-free viewerViewing 3D content on Mixamo is now a brighter, sharper, faster, 100% plugin free experience. We built the Mixamo Store on a brand new framework utilizing WebGL technology, which renders 3D and 2D graphics inside any modern web browser.

Serato Scratch Live combined with Rane hardware is the ultimate solution for professional DJs, giving you the freedom to take your entire digital music collection on the road and equipping you with advanced features that add extra creativity to your DJing.

Scratch 2 Offline Editor 2.0 can be downloaded from our software library for free. Scratch 2 Offline Editor is categorized as Education Tools. The following version: 2.0 is the most frequently downloaded one by the program users.

The current setup file available for download occupies 58.2 MB on disk. The most frequent installer filename for the program is: Scratch 2.exe. Our antivirus analysis shows that this download is clean. This free tool was originally developed by MIT Media Lab.

Welcome to the SCRATCH download page. Thank you for your interest.All software and related material contained herein can be downloaded freely for academic, non-commercial, research use only.

Scratch files for each activity can be downloaded from the Barefoot web site and saved to a location on your school network which pupils can access. Before downloading refer to the section above on file compatibility to ensure you have downloaded the appropriate file type for the version of Scratch you are using.

In May 2011, the first known version of the project editor, the prealpha, was released to a limited audience at Scratch Day @ MIT. A little while after this, the Scratch Team started posting updates, called Scratch 2.0 Progress Reports, to their blog. The new website and redesigned project editor, by then in the alpha stage (at, were premiered for a few days to the public for Scratch Day 2012, a year later. Over the rest of 2012, people were brought in to test this version: community moderators and selected educators; Collab Counselors, former curators, Scratch Design Studio curators, TBG moderators, and a group of 500 volunteers. Some users were also able to infiltrate and use the program due to a glitch.[6]

In December 2012, the public beta was announced to begin on January 28, 2013. It was available at from then on until its full release, upon which it replaced the previous website.

The beta version of the offline Scratch 2.0 editor was released on August 26 and can be downloaded here. It has very few differences from the online editor, most notably, though, the lack of the backpack. The offline editor receives updates without having to reinstall the entire program.

Scratch has been completely rewritten in Adobe Flash for version 2.0 but still runs projects from older versions of Scratch. It is still completely free and without ads. Due to the new features and different programming language, Scratch 2.0 projects are saved in the .sb2 format instead of the previous .sb format. However, projects uploaded from Scratch 1.4 can still be downloaded from the project page in the .sb format. Scratch 2.0 features many new additions to both the program and website.


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