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[S1E8] Taking Charge

Chris: I don't get it, how can you not like hip-hop?Street: Well, it's just people talking, with music in the background. And even I can do that.Hondo: Okay, Street, that's the whitest thing I've ever heard you say.Chris: Hondo, what's your go-to music?Hondo: When I'm working out, it's West Coast funk. I mean, if me and my girl are taking care of business, you gotta let jazz do what it does. When I'm chilling, its always the blues, and anytime's the right time for Otis Redding.

[S1E8] Taking Charge

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Rip confronts the sheriff, pointing out the bear has powder burns on his nose, proving he shot the bear from close range when it charged. Rip becomes agitated and John sends him back to the ranch to calm down.

As Wallace helps one of his young charges with their math homework, Poot shows up and asks him to return to work. Wallace refuses to leave his room and asks to borrow money from Poot, who begrudgingly obliges. Afterward, Poot reports his concerns about Wallace to D'Angelo, who wants to talk with him face-to-face. Meanwhile, at the Barksdale-run print shop, Stringer scolds the staff for not acting like professionals. Wee-Bey, Stinkum and Savino raid Omar's apartment and torch his van while he watches from his hiding place across the street. Later, they pick up D'Angelo, who mentions Orlando's proposition; the others tell him that he should talk to Avon. Orlando is berated and beaten by Avon for even considering getting involved in dealing.

McNulty spots Stringer while taking his sons to Northeast Market and has them follow him. McNulty briefly loses sight of his sons, but they manage to write down Stringer's license plate number. Bunk disapproves of McNulty involving his sons in the operation. Meanwhile, Herc and Carver prepare for their sergeant's exam. Prez and Greggs ask them to tail the pit crew to see which phones they are using now. Based on information gleaned from the wire, they pull over Senator Davis's driver, Damien "Day-Day" Price, and find a bag full of cash in his car.

Because of Price's political connections, Burrell demands that his men return the money and tells Daniels he will shut down the detail. Daniels tells Marla that his superiors dislike wiretaps because they know that drug money ties into politics. He also complains that McNulty asked what Burrell has on him; she asks him what he said, and he does not reply. Phelan calls McNulty into his chambers and asks about Burrell's order, and they agree to the opposition involved with it. The judge then threatens Burrell with a contempt charge if the wiretap is terminated prematurely. Later, McNulty tails Stringer and discovers he is taking an economics class at Baltimore City Community College.

The title refers to the classes Stringer takes, Wallace teaching the math problems to the child in his charge, Judge Phelan showing his control over Burrell to McNulty, the sergeant's exam Herc and Carver take, Freamon teaching Kima about the use of instinct in solving cases, Kima learning that she made an error on the Omar witness case, and Omar teaching a lesson to the Barksdale soldiers. It may also refer to McNulty teaching his sons how to tag a suspect when he has them follow Stringer.

  • Blatant Lies: Buzzard claims to not have known what happened to the brownie they cooked right after the camera shows him taking a huge bite of it.

  • Loveable Rogue: The employee who constantly steals food and wine from the kitchen tries to play one (other staff even call him 'Buzzard') but Gordon's having none of it, pointing out that stealing from a financially hard-up restaurant is really not cool. Once he's caught on camera and confronted, Lela soon fires him.

  • Jerkass Has a Point: Ricky claims that he's not the only one responsible for the restaurant's failure. Seeing as Buzzard was a serial thief, the other kitchen staff were joking around on shift, and even the most competent staff member, Tabitha, would scare customers by yelling at Ricky so loud the customers would hear her, you can't exactly argue with him.

  • Medal of Dishonor: Daniel, the line cook nicknamed "Buzzard" due to the fact that he constantly steals from the restaurant.

  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Gordon isn't too impressed with head chef Ricky. He blindfolds both Ricky and sous chef Lex and runs both through a simple taste test of two meats- Lex identifies both correctly but Ricky fails (they were chicken and steak). On this basis, Gordon makes Lex the new head chef for relaunch night and demotes Ricky to sous chef. For some reason, one would think that someone as experienced at this as Gordon Ramsay would consider kitchen experience as a factor rather than a taste test, because Lex proved unable to run the kitchen, to get any food out (to make things worse, the town's mayor was in the restaurant) and lacked any real experience, and eventually walked out due to the stress. Ricky decides to take charge and get the kitchen back into order, because he's actually run a kitchen before, and somehow saves the reopening night. Lex did return but was demoted. Even Gordon later admitted that he'd screwed up.

  • Sudden Downer Ending: The episode ends with the titular restaurant re-opening to critical and commercial success, and Gordon leaving the restaurant with the staff in good spirits. Things seem to look up for the restaurant, until the episode reveals what happened five months later...Narrator: In spite of business picking up at the restaurant, Lela's debts were too large to overcome, and she was forced to close her doors.

When the CBI team arrives, they learn that the victims are a young female, Patrice Madigan, the girlfriend of the young male, Joseph Purcell, who was about to be the star witness in an upcoming drug trial, California vs. Carass. It is the Attorney General's favorite narcotics case and the CBI boss tells them that the investigation of their murders is to be taken very seriously. Teresa expresses surprise that there was no police protection provided for such an important witness. Without Purcell's testimony, Carass walks away from all charges. Rick Carass is a major player in the meth business in Davis and Purcell was one of his minions. The boss explains that the Davis P.D was in charge of Purcell's protection until he disappeared a few weeks ago.

The CBI team meets Detectives Dale Blakely and Steve Presiado who are Davis P.D. cops. Patrick establishes that the officer who responded initially to the call was a Blakely and Detective Blakely confirms that it is his son. As always, jurisdictional issues cause friction and the Detectives seem less than thrilled to be working with CBI on the case. Blakely attempts to assert the Davis P.D.'s control over the case by suggesting that they are more than liaisons between the two law enforcement agencies. He explains that they have been chasing Rick Carass for a long time and they are not going to stop until they get him. Lisbon responds to the Detective's rather aggressive assertion with aplomb and begins to hand out assignments. Van Pelt heads out to check the video cameras in the liquor store across from the motel. Patrick questions Blakely as to how he allowed Purcell to disappear. Lisbon attempts to deflect Patrick's rather impolitic challenge by suggesting 'things happen'. Presiado is unable to contain his contempt. Blakely calms him and they begin to walk away when Lisbon asks him why he is so sure that Carass is responsible for the murders. She suggests that Purcell probably had a lot of enemies. Patrick argues that perhaps Patrice Madigan was the target of the murder. Teresa tells them that retracing Madigan's steps may be the place to start the investigation because she had been in the motel room for only a moment when the shooter arrived, suggesting that perhaps she was followed. The Detectives reassert their belief that Rick Carass was the hit man; they walk off obviously confident that they were in charge of the investigation and the direction it was to take. As they walk off, Lisbon chastises Patrick for his lack of diplomacy when dealing with the detectives. Patrick dismisses her complaint and shows her a magazine he found in Madigan's car. The magazine has a mailing address on it for Lacy Wells. They now know their next stop.

Lisbon and Jane enter a trailer park. When they knock on a trailer door, a rather hard woman in her mid-forties answers. In her kitchen, Lacy Wells confirms that Patrice Madigan and her baby Kaylee lived there and had been for a few months, since Joe was arrested. She was visibly upset by the news that Madigan was murdered; she had known Madigan for about two years. She tells them that Joe had called her around midnight to bring him some food; he was too paranoid to go out himself. Patrick asks her why she would take Kaylee out at that time of night. Lacy sheepishly explains that she had been drinking and Patrice didn't want to leave the baby with her. Patrice was a good mom. Lacy tells them that she always had money when she needed it. She was busted on a drug charge and was able to come up with $10,000 in bail and later the drug charge was dropped. Lacy didn't know where she got the money; she seemed to have a secret benefactor. Lacy described him as tall, skinny, dark hair and he drove a blue car. Rigsby calls with information on the whereabouts of Carass. He asks Lisbon if he should call Blakely and Presiado. Lisbon tells Rigsby to get an entry team to the site but tells them not to go in till the team assembles. She okays the call to Blakely and Presiado.

The team meets over fast food to discuss the case. Rigsby has confirmed Carass' alibi with the waitress at the Tavern. Although he has an alibi, Rigsby points out that Carass has people who murder for him. Patrick informs them that he doesn't think that Carass murdered Purcell and Madigan because it wasn't his style. He explains that Carass didn't have the patience to sit and watch and then follow Madigan to Purcell. If he had found Madigan, he argues that Carass would have beaten her up until she told him what he wanted to know. He reminds them that Madigan could be the focus of the murder. She was a beautiful woman with a lot of money and no means of support and somehow was able to make a very serious drug charge disappear. Her boyfriend was skinny, dark haired, drove a blue car. Presiado was a hot-tempered cop who carried a .38. Cho suggests they talk to him but Lisbon is the voice of reason and diplomacy. She tells them to check out the facts before they decide to implicate a cop in a murder. She asks them to find out why the drug charge disappeared and to see if Lacy can identify a picture of Presiado before they make any accusations. 041b061a72


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