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Adrian Johnson

Skyrim Broken Angel Armor

The large sprawling cyberpunk areas of The Surge 2 are far from safe. Cyborgs and robots of varying size and complexity routinely patrol or lurk around every dark corner waiting to smash you into a sparking pile of broken servos and pasted body parts.RELATED: The Surge 2 Review: You Got Your Robots In My Dark SoulsSurviving through it all and getting to the end is quite the Herculean task and having whatever edge you can with armor, drones, and weapons is sometimes just enough to squeeze through some of the more difficult sections and brutal boss fights. There are quite a lot of different armor sets in the game, with each one having its own unique buffs for wearing the whole set. Some armor parts are harder to acquire than others and sometimes the effort put in to get it might not always be worth it, so to make things easier, here are the best armors in The Surge 2 ranked in order of strength.

Skyrim Broken Angel Armor

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Things, however, seemingly turned for worst when it was revealed Lucifer's own son, Mundus, betrayed him. It is believed Mundus conspired with Metatron, informing the archangel in regards to the threat Lucifer's plan posed to creation, to which he relayed to the Heavenly Host. Before this occurred, Lucifer laid upon the peak of Niphates, observing the nighttime sky in contemplation and deep thought. As he was lost in his thoughts, Lailah, the archangel of night, had constellations "sing with their illuminative fire" as she danced across the stars, which became a powerful spell that entranced Lucifer to a deep sleep. Immediately, Michael appeared before the slumbering Morningstar, restrained him with Judecca chains, and finally have him confined and imprisoned within a Great Tomb created by Jophiel. They took further precautions by have it be locked with mystical seals that can only be broken through prophesied occurrences. However, Lucifer was always steps ahead when it comes to "inconveniences" as he made sure the Illuminati would continue to carry out the mission of altering events to manipulate individuals into freeing Lucifer from his tomb and beginning the New World Order.


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