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109 Shopping Mall Shibuya

The building, located just across the street from Shibuya Station, opened in April 1979. The architect was Minoru Takeyama. Tokyu, the building's operator, designed the building as a "Fashion Community" containing small retail stores targeting the early-30s female consumer. Tokyu intended the store to compete with Seibu Department Stores, which was making inroads into the Shibuya area.[1]

109 shopping mall shibuya

Shibuya 109 was designed by architect Minoru Takeyama for Tokyu Malls Development Corporation and was initially developed in a spirit of competition. At that time, the Seibu department store chain was gaining serious traction in central Shibuya, so Tokyu thought it was time to muscle in on the action. The shopping mall was built to be a fashion community of different retail stores that cater to women in their 30s, but the demographic soon shifted to teenage trendsetters.

Located near the entrance of the mall, Esperanza XYZ is a store containing only shoes made in Japan. Great news for those larger-footed folks, the store has plenty of size options, including sizes bigger-than-typical Japanese sizes. Shoppers can find anything including platform heels, sneakers, or boots to suit their taste. There is also a wide range of colors and designs to choose from, so no one is left out.

Shibuya Loft is a shopping establishment for hobby and craft items similar to Tokyu Hands. It features 7 floors of various goods and commodities such as accessories, beauty and cosmetic products, gift items, clothing, snacks, stationery goods, home interior decors, kitchen and bath accessories, furniture, travel goods, and a wider selection of other lifestyle items. Click here for more information.

The retail stores of Shibuya 109 strongly compete with each other in terms of revenue in order to remain a part of the popular fashion community. This has greatly helped in ensuring that all items carried by the mall are in line with current trends.

Shopping at Shibuya 109 can be quite intimidating as its floors are filled with booming music and aggressive clerks determined to make a sale. Visitors planning to go to the mall for the first time should be prepared to feel overwhelmed with all the products Shibuya 109 has to offer but not allow themselves to get lost amidst the frenzy.

As previously mentioned, the building consists of ten floors, including two basement floors. Going through each floor may sound fun but requires a lot of energy. For an efficient shopping adventure, visitors are advised to first familiarize themselves with the floor location of certain products.

For shoppers looking for unique accessories, Shibuya 109 is an absolute haven of sorts. From hair clips to phone cases, the shopping center is unlikely to disappoint avid customers. The second floor is home to Sarah Zodiaque, a store that specializes in all kinds of hair accessories. Going a level up the mall, visitors can locate a shop named Doll Kiss, which carries socks and tights of every color. On the 6th floor, an assortment of phone cases and novelty items can be found, ranging from simple to bejeweled designs.

Finding clothes available in more than one size can pose a challenge in Shibuya 109. However, the mall does carry a nice selection of knitwear and shawls that provide shoppers with great deals, regardless of their body type. These items are spread across different floors of the shopping center, making them hidden treasures one can come across with while searching for other items.

A shopping trip in Shibuya 109 is guaranteed to work up an appetite. Luckily, visitors will not have to leave the shopping center to grab a bite to eat or to quench their thirst. The 7th and 8th floors of the mall house a variety of restaurants and cafes for shoppers to take a break and regain their energy.

Japanese fashion has been one of my favorite fashion styles for quite a long time. I often just safe my shopping money for a few months and spend it all at Shibuya 109 Men's because you cannot find those brands anywhere else in the world.

I noticed a beautiful Mercedes-Benz with gold & diamonds on display just outside the main Shibuya 109 Men's entrance. I do like my T-shirts tight and form fit but in Tokyo sizes are really small thus sometimes a large size is even too tight for me.

Shopping malls, shopping streets, crowded intersection bring you an image of the bustling streets of Tokyo in general but Shibuya, is perhaps the perfect representation of that. What makes Shibuya different? Today, Planetyze would list you the 10 most popular places for going shopping in Shibuya: 1. Shibuya109, 2. Shibuya Hikarie, 3. Shibuya Parco, 4. Tokyu Hands, 5. Don Quijote, 6. Shibuya Loft, 7. Shibuya Mark City, 8. Disney Store, 9. Tower Records, 10. Seibu

*Note: A frustrating thing is that most of the clothes in Shibuya 109 are only available in one size. Fitting rooms seem to be small or just a curtain at the back of the shop, so be sure to ask shop assistants if you want to try something on.

The department store primarily serves two floors of food in the basement and women's fashions and cosmetics for young women aged 20-30. Above the department store are floors which cater for restaurants, conference rooms, small sized museums, one large hall and government offices.

Hikarie is architecturally unique in that the shopping, event space and office sections of the building are visible from the outside with its theatre floors bulging out in the middle. Standing from one of the high floors of Hikarie, tourists would enjoy the splendid view of Shibuya.

If you are a food lover, Mark City in Shibuya is a great selection for you. This is a multi-level shopping and dining place right on the Shibuya JR Station area. The East building is the hotel and the West building is the office.

Step into the iconic SHIBUYA109 mall, located on one corner of the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing, and you will surely be greeted by enthusiastic welcome calls of "irrashaimase." Since it opened in 1979, the mall has grown to gain almost a cult following as the epicenter of Tokyo's "gyaru" subculture.

There are about 120 shops over 10 floors in SHIBUYA109, a kitschy tube-shaped building that has offers a variety of entertainment in addition to fashion, cosmetics, and food.The mall has come to symbolize Shibuya's leading cutting-edge trends ever since the "gyaru" subculture was popularized by young girls with dyed blond hair, fake tans, miniskirts and outlandish makeup. Today, the mall remains popular among Japanese and foreign celebrities.

SHIBUYA 109 (渋谷109 Shibuya ichi-maru-kyuu or Shibuya too-kyuu) is the most popular mall in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. It is also the center of the gyaru-fashion and lifestyle. It is also thought as somewhat a landmark of Shibuya-ku. 109 (Ichi-maru-kyū) is a department store in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan The store is operated by the Tokyu Malls Development (TMD), a company under the Tokyu Group.

The Shibuya neighborhood surrounding the crossing has a reputation as a lively district for nightlife and is full of exciting bars and clubs, as well as a prime destination for a trendy shopping trip.

Shibuya is a very famous business center in Tokyo, and Shibuya 109 can be said to be the most famous shopping center in Shibuya. The area is large, the brand is particularly large, the shopping environment is very good, and the service of Japanese shopping malls is really good, no wonder Japanese e-commerce can't beat Japanese entities Shopping mall"

Shibuya 109 was opened in April 1979, and is operated by SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Corporation, a subsidiary of the Tokyu Group. The building is located just across the street from Shibuya Station, making it easily accessible for visitors to Tokyo. The shopping mall is home to a wide variety of stores, ranging from high-end luxury brands to more affordable options.

Shibuya 109 is a fashion mecca for young women in Tokyo, offering the latest fashion trends and styles. The mall is home to over 120 shops, each with its unique style, making it a one-stop-shop for all things fashion. Here are some of the current fashion trends you can find at Shibuya 109:

Aside from shopping and dining, Shibuya 109 also has various entertainment options for visitors. One of the most popular activities is karaoke, which can be found on the 8th floor of the department store. Visitors can rent private karaoke rooms and sing along to their favorite songs.

In conclusion, Shibuya 109 is a unique shopping center that offers a wide variety of fashion items for young women. It is located in the heart of Shibuya, Tokyo, and is easily accessible by public transportation. Visitors can explore the many floors of shops, each with its own distinct style and selection of clothing.

Shibuya is a vibrant shopping area with many department stores ( Tokyu, Tokyu Honten, Seibu, 109 for men and Hikarie...). It 's also known for its nightlife and for its crossing nicknamed " Times Square of Tokyo".

Shibuya has so many shops to explore. The nearby Cat Street has more secondhand/vintage shopping options. A visit to Shibuya can easily be joined with a trip to the Meiji Shrine and Harajuku and Omotesando or Shinjuku.

Conveniently situated in Tokyo, all day place shibuya provides air-conditioned rooms, a restaurant and free WiFi. This 4-star hotel offers a 24-hour front desk and luggage storage space. The hotel features family rooms. All units in the hotel are fitted with a kettle. Guest rooms in all day place shibuya are equipped with a flat-screen TV and a hairdryer. A Full English/Irish breakfast is available daily at the accommodation. Popular points of interest near all day place shibuya include Ancient Egyptian Art Museum, Shidax Culture Hall and Hachiko Statue. The nearest airport is Tokyo Haneda Airport, 20 km from the hotel.

A 3-minute walk from JR Meguro Train Station on the Yamanote Line, Hotel Mid In Meguro serves a Western breakfast buffet and offers massage services. Rooms include an LCD TV, a private bath and green tea. Compact rooms with air conditioning and clean modern lines await you at Hotel Mid In Meguro. All come with a fridge, an electric kettle and slippers. Toiletries are provided and video-on-demand movies are available. From nearby Meguro Station, the Shibuya, Shinjuku and Yoyogi areas are all within a 12-minute train ride. Tokyo Station is a 20-minute train ride. Meguro Subway Station offers direct access to the Azabu-Juban shopping district and the Tokyo Dome area (Korakuen). Guests will find a 24-hour front desk with luggage storage service at the property. Breakfast is served at the dining room. 041b061a72


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